Noodleglue - found!

Wed 01 October 2008
By stu

For the last few days I've been looking for a project called NoodleGlue.  I got interested when I wanted to look into generating java wrappings for the Verse library.

If you just want to download Noodleglue skip to the end of the article.

Verse is a network protocol that lets 3d applications talk to each other in realtime, being developed by the Blender foundation.  I was wondering how difficult it would be to link the ease of use of processing with the power of Blender.

Processing being a simplified java, I started to look at ways of generating java bindings.

I knew that GTK had switched to generating their java bindings automatically, so started looking at technologies to do this, immediately I found out about noodleglue which seemed to fit the bill.

Slight problem - the site was down and the developers nowhere to be seen, after much searching I realised I should be looking for something written in C/C++ not java, searched for NoodleGlue.tar.gz and 'bing!' there it is on one persons website.

I'm uploading it here, although I should probably put it on google code as well.



Snapshot of in in the internet wayback machine.

I must also mention Cibyl, a project for compiling C to java, it worked best for me in linux... currently a bit of a pain to setup but an interesting project nonetheless.

Cibyl Project

Eplilogue - There was a version on the internet wayback machine the whole time, not sure why I didn't check, however the version I've found is newer - at least 18/Apr/2007.