Some useful scripts for windows.

Sun 06 September 2009
By stu

Stoyan of has found the joy using javascript for scripting in the OS...

I've put up a few scripts I find useful in windows (download at the end of the article):

  • addpath.js - Add a path to the registry path.
  • dt.cmd - Change to desktop folder.
  • e.cmd - Open explorer in current or specified folder.
  • regpath.js¬† - Output the path stored in the registry.
  • updateenvironment.js - Updates running apps with any changed settings in the registry.

And a couple that use python and pywin32:

  • - Copy the current working directory to the clipboard
  • - Copy the current path to the clipboard

All of have acompanying batch files to run them, I generally have everything in a folder c:\usr\cmd, but they should work from anywhere in the path.