Progress so far

Sat 28 March 2015
By stu

I've been pretty busy so far doing laying the groundwork for my audiovisual project. I've got the architecture worked out, so ones this stage 0 is complete I can start coding it.

Uploaded, 2 videos using shoebot... 4 others waiting to be uploaded.

Soft Released:


This makes it easy to use things like wx, gtk, pyqt4 and other, mostly Gui and older Audio libraries in virtualenv.

Have been using this successfully with Shoebot for a while.

Python 3 support is still TODO, at which point can do a proper release.

Working on:

Finishing off a tool to make videos with :)

Learning About:

Bezier Curves (have a Gtk demo app waiting to be uploaded)
[Blocking on app to create videos]

Cairo OpenGL PPA:

Built a Docker Image that can build debian packages, this needs completing so they can be signed and uploaded to the PPA.