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  1. Daily graphic 2

    Tue 17 March 2015
    By stu

    Todays daily graphic I'm getting familiar with grids (in shoebot), Vector maths from the planar library .. this started from the grid example from shoebot / nodebox.

    Shoebot Code Below the fold

    ``` {: .brush:python} """ Grid of arrows that point towards the mouse pointer.

    Uses planar library for Vec2, angles. """

    Based on grid- …

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  2. Everyday graphic

    Mon 16 March 2015
    By stu

    Not sure how practical it is, but will try and upload a new graphic everyday .. to start with will probably be quite basic :) Here is the first, some moving granular thingies..

    Shoebot code:

    ``` {: .brush:python} import random from math import sin, cos

    size(800, 800) colours=ximport("colors")

    def draw …

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  3. Workflow for debugging issues on python on windows with a VM

    Thu 12 March 2015
    By stu

    Recently I had to look at an issue where the behaviour on windows was subtly different to that on linux... unfortunately most potential users are on Windows so it's not good enough to just write them off :)

    This workflow was quite good for checking python internals on different versions of …

  4. LLVM PY

    Fri 27 February 2015
    By stu

    Note to self - to install LLVMPY, you need to use LLVM 3.3 still

    $ LLVM_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/bin/llvm-config-3.3 pip install llvmpy
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  5. Setting up Backups

    Wed 04 February 2015
    By stu

    A day of Admin ..

    Spent a good amount of time getting backups setup on ubuntu ..

    Insynch to backup google drive to my computer -

    Setup good old Thunderbird to download email to my computer
    - the trick is to get an an app specific password.

    Finally, bought cloud …

  6. Docker and caching apt-get for guests on the same host

    Mon 02 February 2015
    By stu

    Docker is great for isolation, you probably still want some caching, the Dockerfile from extellisys is a great start:

    Running the above, runs apt-cache-ng and exposes it's port as 3142.

    This is great for a LAN, if you want to use this for caching on …

  7. 3d in the era of J2me

    Fri 14 November 2014
    By stu

    Back in the deep dark past (2004-2007) I worked on a 3D game for phones of that era (before iphone, android). I recently found some of the test files for the engine, here are some videos.

    Very low poly racetrack

    The ubiquitous cube

    Spacekid in the spacestation corridors

    Our Mascot …

  8. Belated post on libregraphics meeting 2014

    Thu 03 July 2014
    By stu

    Here is my very late post on LGM 2014!

    Back in April I went to Leipzig for my first in-the-flesh meeting of Shoebot devs ..

    I met with Ricardo + to collaborate on a workshop on shoebot. To make it more fun we hadn't decided what to do it on ! In the …

  9. Shoebot experiment - perlin noise..

    Fri 05 April 2013
    By stu

    Perlin noise is pretty cool, you can use it to generate realistic looking clouds or mountains.

    Here's a bot for shoebot I made a while back that uses perlin noise to generate some nice circles.

    You'll need shoebot and the lib "noise" installed into your environment for it to work …

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