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  1. Adding files to the django auto refresh

    Thu 10 May 2012
    By stu

    Django runserver and the app django-autotest are both good as they'll restart when modifcations are made to files in the app they will restart, however not *all* files will trigger a restart.

    Wanting to get some other files noticed, I added some in the of my app, so …

  2. Using PyCha with Django

    Fri 25 February 2011
    By stu

    A quick post on using Python Charts to generate nice SVG charts for your django website (I've had the code hanging around for ages - so should just post it). The code is based on the examples there, here I integrate it into Django.

    To install you'll need to do

    pip …
    Tagged as : python
  3. Set Windows Environment variables from the registry (TCC/LE)

    Thu 30 September 2010
    By stu

    [EDIT: 2010/10/05]

    Oops, I've been using TCC/LE by JPSoft as my shell... the following doesn't work in the normal command prompt


    I just had a look at SET and it lets you set user/system variables:

    Display, create, modify, or delete environment variables.
    SET [/A /D …

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