1. A simple cairo draw queue using closures

    Wed 12 May 2010
    By stu

    Often it's useful to be able to store up drawing commands so you can use them later somewhere else (or even just pass them to another thread).

    This is a simple drawing model, implemented in cairo, hopefully somebody will find it useful.


    ``` {: .brush:python} class DrawQueue: ''' A list of …

    Tagged as : creative coding python
  2. Access files in a Linux virtual machine from Windows

    Thu 21 January 2010
    By stu

    I recently found a neat way of accessing files in a linux VMWare image.   This is really useful, as theres never really a good time to break your VMWare image, this is also handy if you don't want to run the whole machine, but just access the files inside.

    There …

    Tagged as : note
  3. The Bloggage and slacking

    Fri 07 August 2009
    By stu

    Just been checking out what Mr Palmer has been up to... quite a lot it seems...   if I could get further than 2 chapters in 6 months with Getting Things Done maybe I could stop procrastination and start GTD too :)

    And I've been checking out some online comics...

    My 6 …

  4. Router upgrade nixed xbmc

    Sun 14 December 2008
    By stu

    It turns out my lack of networked media consumption utopia via xbmc was all down to upgrading my router... the xbox was fixed on 10.0.0.x while everything else moved over to 192.168.1.x  ...so I learned that SMB doesn't like that at all.

    Oh well …

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