1. Using PyCha with Django

    Fri 25 February 2011
    By stu

    A quick post on using Python Charts to generate nice SVG charts for your django website (I've had the code hanging around for ages - so should just post it). The code is based on the examples there, here I integrate it into Django.

    To install you'll need to do

    pip …
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  2. A simple cairo draw queue using closures

    Wed 12 May 2010
    By stu

    Often it's useful to be able to store up drawing commands so you can use them later somewhere else (or even just pass them to another thread).

    This is a simple drawing model, implemented in cairo, hopefully somebody will find it useful.


    ``` {: .brush:python} class DrawQueue: ''' A list of …

    Tagged as : creative coding python

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