1. Playing a sound in pygame

    Sun 24 February 2008
    By stu

    It can be useful to test sounds in your current engine (esp for testing MOD support), so I've made a tiny sound player for pygame. The code is just this:

    import sys, pygame
    from pygame.locals import *
    import pygame.mixer
    if __name__=="__main__":
        pygame.display.set_mode((120, 120), DOUBLEBUF | HWSURFACE …
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  2. Ball breaker update

    Mon 19 November 2007
    By stu

    Reached a small milestone in my bat and ball game (BallBreaker), the fonts are implemented as bitmap fonts, meaning that everything on the rendered on the game screen is original material.

    The current font system is based on tiles, so it should be easy to implement animation and cool stuff …

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  3. Ball Breaker!

    Fri 05 October 2007
    By admin

    I've recently started learning python in earnest, to this end I've been writing a bat and ball game. I'm quite suprised at how much you get for your LOC in python... so far it's about 1,000 LOC and has multiple powerups and bats, plus sound fx by ne7.

    Title screen of ball

    Graphics …

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